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Review about Live NetTV app

Live NetTv is an android application mainly focusing on streaming live channels from different countries like Australia, U.S, Middle Eastern countries, India and many more. By the assistance of live net tv app, a person can conveniently watch any channel's live broadcasting from anywhere in the world. Live net tv app is capable of streaming more than 800 live tv channels from various categories and genres. It is basically a television streaming app that hosts channels from various genres including entertainment, sports, music, news and many more. These type of apps are generally complex but in case of live net tv, things are quite different users are instantly going to get familiar with the app and they are going to love it.

Features of Live NetTv application are:-

Live tv Inventory: Live netTv hosts more than 800 channels from different categories and genres. An individual can have live streaming of almost any channel from around the globe.

Live sports streaming: This app even provides streaming of live matches of different sports like hockey, football, cricket, etc. A person can enjoy a live match on their smartphone without any hassle, the only requirement is efficient internet speed.

VOD for movies: This is one the best feature of this application one can even order a movie as per their mood. There are thousands of movies to choose from, they just have to bare a minimum amount of charge to avail a particular movie.

Simple User-Interface: Live netTv app is very easy to use and a person having basic knowledge of smartphone and internet can avail the services offered by this app.

Free of cost: As in today's world where nothing is available for free, the services provided by live netTv are available to the users free of cost. They only have to pay a minimal amount of fee when they order a movie otherwise streaming channels are absolutely free.

Live NetTV package information

Name Live NetTV
Package com.relspaccdt.proapptwo
Version 1.1
Size 7.0 MB
Requires Android 4.0.3+
Category Entertainment
Added 2019-06-06
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