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Review about Tubemate app

Tubemate is an android application for downloading videos from youtube and different platforms directly to your smartphone. It allows saving videos in your mobile storage for future use without worrying about the internet connection. Tubemate is the most popular youtube video downloader, by the assistance of tubemate you can download all your favorite videos to sd card memory and watch them whenever you want. One can even adjust the resolution in which he wants to watch or download the video and can download any video in seconds.

Features of Tubemate application are:-

Downloading Speed: The downloading speed provided by the app is amazing, it is one of the major video downloading the application that enables fast downloading speed even on a low internet connection.

Convert a Video: Tubemate enables you to convert any video into mp3 format if you are interested in listening to its audio only, which is the long term helps you save a lot of mobile data.

Set Resolution while downloading/watching Video: This is one of many features that are provided by the tubemate app to its users that the video resolutions can be set as per the compatibility of the video player, the users can watch or download the video in low quality or even in the high resolution.

Download from different sources: Tubemates allows its users to download the videos from different sources like Dailymotion, youtube, facebook and many more.

Easy to Use: Tubemate is very convenient when it comes to watching or downloading videos. One can even watch and download a video at a time because the downloading process happens in the background. The procedure to download a video is quite easy, one has to just tap on the green button at the bottom of the video.

Tubemate package information

Name Tubemate
Developer Devian Studio
Package devian.tubemate.home
Version 2.4.3
Size 6.0 MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Media/Video
Added 2019-06-09
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